Coastal Reef sells new and used fish/reef tanks. We proudly offer aquariums from All Glass, MarineLand, Deep Blue, & Oceanic. If you’re interested in selling your tank, call Skeet at 910-792-6003 or email coastalreef@gmail.com and ask about our consignment plans . We kindly ask that you do not drive from out of town to drop off a tank for consignment. We cannot guarantee sale of consigned tanks, so you must live in town if your tank if sold through our store.

While every tank set-up is unique, and customized to your desired size, type, and look, here is a brief breakdown of tank start up costs. These are only estimates to give hobbyists an idea of prices.

image RR= Drilled & Reef Ready

New Tanks- We can order a very large variety of tank sizes, these are some of our more popular sizes

5.5 gallon

10 gallon

15 gallon

20 gallon long

29 gallon biocube

30 gallon breeder

40 gallon breeder

75 gallon, reef ready: drilled with overflow box

90 gallon reef ready

120 gallon, reef ready

125 gallon, reef ready —    125g furniture stand and canopy


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