Coastal Reef keeps a large selection of the finest Marine Fish & Coral foods to keep your Reef community healthy and thriving. Some of our current selection includes:

Complete line of LRS prepared foods

  • Reef Frenzy Nano
  • Reef Frenzy
  • Herbivore Frenzy
  • Fish Frenzy
  • Chunky
  • Premium Seaweed

Piscine Energetics Line of Frozen and prepared foods.

  • PE Mysis Flat Pack
  • PE Mysis Cubes
  • PE Mysis Pellets
  • PE Calanus

Frozen foods for larger Predators.

  • Hikari Krill
  • Sally’s Silversides

Cobalt Aquatics

  • Ultra Marine Pellet (w/ prebiotics and probiotics for digestive health)
  • Marine Omni-Flakes
  • Marine Mysis Flakes
  • Marine Spuralina Flakes
  • Marine Vegi-Flakes

Coral Food

  • Quantum Bio-enhance (Amino acid complex)
  • Polyp Lab Reef Roids (Plankton concentrate)
  • Algae Barn Ocean Magik (Live Phytoplankton)
  • Algae Barn Tigger Pods (Live Copepods)
  • Algae Barn Tisbee Pods (Live Copepods)
  • Algae Barn Apocalypse Pods (Live Copepods)


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