March 2012

Here are some photos of some of our newest fish. There are more fish in store that I haven’t been able to photoraph yet.

You can stop by or call 910-792-6003 for more information about what’s in stock.

Some of the fish not photographed: Chromis, Fiji Blue Devil Damsels, HarlequinTusk, Blue Jaw Trigger, Passer Angelfish (adult), Juvenile Emperor Angelfish, Aptasia eatin Filefish

Fish Photographed below: Mombasa Frill Lionfish, Harlequin Spotted Sweetlips, Blonde Naso, Powder Brown Tang, Purple and Orange Debellius Reef Lobster

Mombasa Frill Lionfish

Mombasa Frill Lionfish & Harlequin Spotted Sweetlips (above Lionfish)

  (blurry photo of harlequin Spoted Sweetlips)


Above: Blonde Naso Tang

Below: Powder Brown Tang

Above: Powder Brown Tang

Purple & Orange Debellius Reef Lobster

Fish: March 2012

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