April 2012

Between focusng on the fast moving fish and glares, these photos didn’t come out too great, but you get the idea for some of the fish in store. These are only a few of the fish we currently have, there’s a lot more not listed here on our website that we have for sale. Call, email or stop by to get the most updated information about our fish for sale.

Below: Chevron Tang, Copperband Butterfly

Below: Blue Head Wrasse, Niger Trigger, & Powder Blue Tang


Below: Niger Trigger, Adult Passer Angelfish

Below: Teardrop Butterfly, Paddlefin Wrasse

Below: Blue Hippo Tang & Lunare Wrasse (this fish was difficult to photograph and these images don’t quite show how beautiful it really is!)

Below: Lunare Wrasse

   Australian Harlequin Tusk & Emperor Angel

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