June 2013 Coastal Reef “Frag Swap”

Saturday, June 29 from 12pm-6pm at Coastal Reef!

How it works:We are hosting a true and FREE frag swap. Come with frags and leave with new ones! If you want to participate in the swap activity, bring 1-5 frags to put into a community tank. Please bring something nice to swap.  For each frag that you bring to trade you get a number. When your number is called, you get to choose a new frag to take from the display tank. Please do not come expecting to sell frags— this is a community event intended to bring reef hobbyists together to TRADE (not commercial vendors– we will kindly ask you to leave if found selling in the store, or trading information to sell.)

Registration is required (okay up to 12pm day of) but participation is FREE to those who have frags to swap. If you don’t have frags to swap, Coastal Reef will be offering great specials and sales on frags and corals! Register by commenting on this page, at Coastal Reef (910-792-6003), or send an email to coastalreef@gmail.com with your name, phone number, hometown, and the number and type of frags you will bring. Check-in at noon for swapping to begin by 1 pm, Saturday June 29th.

Come enjoy a huge Coral sale and a friendly (and free) frag swap. See the Swap Schedule below!

12 pm— Check in/Registration

12:30— Food and drink, Swap Set-up (numbers will be given out and Frags will be collected)

1:15 pm— Frag Swap & Raffle

3 pm– Raffle drawing: PRIZES include– frag packs (soft and hard corals), Hydor Koralia Pump, and more.

Stay tuned as more details become available closer to Frag Swap) —-  $3 Raffle Tickets or 4 tickets for $10 (Tickets for sale in store starting June 1st)

Portion of Raffle Proceeds donated towards

Coral Restoration Foundation

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