March 2012 News & Sales:

 March 30-April 1:    15% off all Clowns: Includes specialty Clowns, such as Picasso, Black, and ORA Premium Snowflake Clowns. 

March 23-March 25: 15% off al Wrasses:

March 16-March 18: 15% off all Triggers + Discount for wearing Green! 

March 9- March 11:    15% off Coral Sale


It’s been an exciting few months for us since we’ve taken over Majestic Reef, but big plans for upgrading the quality of our store have sprouted in March 2012! First and foremost, we are setting up a new 309 gallon quarentine system for all of our new fish before they go up for sale. Quarentine will consist of a step-by-step process of making sure that we are offering the heathiest quality livestock available. We will cure each fish in a set-up designed so new fish are treated before any parasites or diseas can spread to other fish in quarentine. Fish will have a two week acclamation phase to destress and maintain optimal healh. We feed all of our fish a variety of  the highest quality frozen foods, dipped with additives to boost their immune system and keep them healthy.

In other plans to upgrade our store, our tank displays housing our fish for sale are undergoing a rennovation. Built-in tank furniture with new lights will showcase our reguarly updated inventory of healthy and beautiful fish. In March, we also began providing aquacultured ORA livestock and a wide selection of medications. In April our new Coastal Reef signage will go up and we will also start carrying Reef Nutrition products, such as Oyter Feast.

We are overcome with joy and appreciation for the warm welcome our “new” store has received from the community. Our customers are the best, and we replicate their loyalty through our dedication to reasonable and competitive prices!

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