April News & Sales

Join us this Saturday for a huge coral sale and frag swap. Bring some of your frags and leave with new frags for your tank for FREE!! If you choose to participate in the swap activity bring 1-3 frags to put into the “community tank”. (Please bring something nice to swap.)  For each frag that you bring to trade you get a number. When your number is called, you get to choose a new frag to take from the display tank.

There will also be great deals on a large selection of frags and corals in-store, including aquacultured and a fresh shipment from Australia. There will be large, beautiful and puffed up Aussie Ultra Lord Acan frags for $25.

We’ve also got a full inventory of high quality fish and frozen foods (see the frozen foods we carry at https://coastalreefaquariums.com/foods/.

 If you can’t stop by this weekend, there will be other things to come in and look forward to in the coming weeks. By May we will carry a fully stocked Reef Nutrition refrigerator and Rod’s Foods! Our new quarantine system will be in full operation within the next month, as well as a new shipment of live rock. There’s also a new sale every weekend!

Stop by Coastal Reef in Wilmington, NC on Saturday, April 28th from 12-2 for the Frag Swap— Coral Specials running all weekend (Fri: 10-6, Sat:10-6, Sun:12-5).

Store news:

Our store is undergoing numerous improvements in the coming month. Our quarantine system for all of our new fish before they go up for sale is almost done. The system is biofiltering for the first two weeks of April and should be running before the end of the month!

 Quarantine will consist of a step-by-step process to make sure that we are offering the heathiest quality livestock available. We will cure each fish in a set-up designed so new fish are treated before any parasites or disease can spread to other fish in quarantine. Fish will have a two week acclamation phase to de-stress and maintain optimal healh. We feed all of our fish a variety of  the highest quality frozen foods, dipped with additives to boost their immune system and keep them healthy.

In other plans to upgrade our store, our tank displays housing our fish for sale are undergoing a rennovation. Built-in tank furniture with new lights will showcase our reguarly updated inventory of healthy and beautiful fish.

Our exterior signage is also going up this month, making our LFS change in ownership complete! We invite you to stop in and see all these exciting changes and imrovements for yourself!

In other news, we are hosting an old school traditional frag swap in store April 28, from 12-4. It’s free to partciipate, but please register the frags you plan to bring up until the date of the event.

April Discounts/Sales:                                                                                                                                                                                 

 April13-15: 10% all Brightwell Aquatic Products. See a complete list of Brightwell products available in store by clicking on the supplies tab above.

April 20-22: Happy Earth Day– 10% off all our ORA and aquacultured livestock!

April 27-29: Coral Extravanga & Frag Swap — $25 Aussie Ultra Lord Acans and 10% off hugeselection of Coral, including a new shipment of coral from Australia and aquacultured corals.

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