Hours & Contact Info

Store Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri: 12:00-7pm:00 ; Sat: 11-7; Sun: 12-6 ; CLOSED TUESDAYS

We are located in Lumina Commons at 1994 Eastwood Road in Wilmington, NC just before the drawbridge to Wrightsville Beach (Between Eastwood Rd and Wrightsville Ave.). 28403

Phone: 910-792-6003 : coastalreef@gmail.com : Find us on Facebook for Updates & Discounts

About us:

Coastal Reef provides a wide variety of high quality Marine fish and corals in Wilmington and Southeastern, NC. We take pride in offering a healthy selection of marine fish, corals and inverts for new or established saltwater aquariums. Bring in a sample of water from your tank and we’ll gladly do a free water test to help you keep a safe environment for your fish and corals to thrive. See  tanks, frozen foods, and other essential supplies. STAY UP TO DATE WITH WHAT WE CARRY, HOW WE’RE IMPROVING, AND COMMUNITY EVENTS BY BECOMING A FOLLOWER OF THIS SITE! Tank Services and Maintenance Water Changes Tank Cleaning Tank Set-up Regular Maintentance Plans Tank Consignment R.O.D.I. water $.75 a gallon Saltwater $1.00 a gallon.

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