Hours & Contact Info

Store Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri: 12:00-8:00 ; Sat: 11-8; Sun: 12-6 ; CLOSED TUESDAYS

We are located at 145 S. College Rd (in the shopping center next to Ten Pin Alley & the Government Center.) If you are coming from Oriole or Racine we are off of Government Center drive.

Phone: 910-792-6003 : coastalreef@gmail.com : Find us on Facebook for Updates & Discounts

About us:

Coastal Reef provides a wide variety of high quality Marine fish and corals in Wilmington and Southeastern, NC. We take pride in offering a healthy selection of marine fish, corals and inverts for new or established saltwater aquariums. Bring in a sample of water from your tank and we’ll gladly do a free water test to help you keep a safe environment for your fish and corals to thrive. Soon (by February 2012) we will also carry a full inventory of tanks, frozen foods, and other essential supplies. STAY UP TO DATE WITH WHAT WE CARRY, HOW WE’RE IMPROVING, AND COMMUNITY EVENTS BY BECOMING A FOLLOWER OF THIS SITE! Tank Services and Maintenance Water Changes Tank Cleaning Tank Set-up Regular Maintentance Plans Tank Consignment R.O.D.I. water $1.00 a gallon Saltwater $1.25 a gallon.

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