About Us

Store Hours:  Mon, Wed-Fri: 12:00-7: 00 ;  Sat: 11-7; Sun: 12-6; CLOSED TUESDAYS

We are located at 1994 Eastwood Road #300 in Lumina Commons between Eastwood Road and Wrightsville Ave in Wilmington, NC.

Phone: (910) 839-3002   :   Lowtideenterprises@yahoo.com    :     Find us on Facebook for Updates & Discounts   :    On Instagram @CoastalReef910

Coastal Reef provides a wide variety of high quality Marine fish and corals in Wilmington and Southeastern, NC. We take pride in offering a healthy selection of marine fish, corals and inverts for new or established saltwater aquariums.  Bring in a sample of water from your tank and we’ll gladly do a free water test to help you keep a safe environment for your fish and corals to thrive. STAY UP TO DATE WITH WHAT WE CARRY, HOW WE’RE IMPROVING, AND COMMUNITY EVENTS BY BECOMING A FOLLOWER OF THIS SITE!

Tank Services and Maintenance

Water Changes

Tank Cleaning

Tank Set-up

Regular Maintentance Plans

Tank Consignment

R.O.D.I. water 75 cents gallon

Saltwater $1.00 a gallon


Coming soon….

Some of the brands we carry include:

New exciting brands and information coming soon…

There is new livestock in store each week and we have a new sale every weekend. Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable with Marine Fish and Coral Husbandry and happy to help you with any questions you may have about keeping a healthy saltwater aquarium.

Quality, Variety, and Service are of the utmost importance to us. We choose only top quality wholesale providers to attain livestock– based on their treatment of livestock, collection methods, and practices towards sustainability.

Our main wholesaler uses “the most state of the art marine fish holding facility in North America, and leads the industry in animal holding and filtration capacity, and system stability. Water in our centralized holding systems is treated by 12 kilowatts of quartz-shielded ultraviolet sterilizers, large protein skimmers with very high output ozonizers and specially designed, highly efficient mechanical and biological filtration equipment. Nearly all of the aquaria in our 40,000 square foot facility are individually equipped with independent fill and drain systems allowing thousands of individual fish to have their own sterilized water supply, minimizing the potential for the spread of parasites and other water-borne pathogens.

As one of only a few MAC certified importers, we continue to exhibit our commitment to helping make this industry a better one, to help protect our resources for not only the longevity of our trade, but also for the preservation of the environment.”The fish are quarantined by the wholesaler, rested, fed, and individually screened numerous times before getting to our store. By the end of Spring 2012 we will also have our new fish quarentine system up and running to help guarantee the highest quality livestock.

We offer a 200+ page catalogue with a large selection of Marine fish and corals. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can get it for you within a week. We also carry a steady inventory of ORA fish and Corals, and support locally aquacultured frags.

The store is conveniently located at 1994 Eastwood Road (between Eastwood and Wrightsville Road, just before the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge)

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